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P`ure Ecosoft CHV3ECOEXP set prefilters for the reverse osmosis system, the United States Ukraine

Brand: Ecosoft
Product Code: CHV3ECOEXP
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Set 1-2-3 cartridges from brand P`ure Ecosoft CHV3ECOEXP performs a number of important tasks:

1. Pre-cleans the water in reverse osmosis systems.

2. It protects the reverse osmosis membrane from the damaging effects of fine dirt (larger than 1 micron).

3. Protects the membrane element from the damaging effects of free chlorine.

The kit P`ure Ecosoft CHV3ECOEXP

Prefilter 1 - porous polypropylene cartridge. Removes mechanical impurities up to 5 microns, retains particles of sand, rust and other suspended contaminants. It prolongs the life of the remaining cartridges.

Particulate Filter 2 - cartridge of high quality granular activated carbon. It removes chlorine and organochlorine compounds, protecting the membrane. Built-in silver ring in cartridge design provides microbiological stability.

Prefilter 3 - Cartridge from briquetted coal (karbonblok). Designed to remove solids down to 10 microns and high-molecular organic compounds.


The degree of purification depends on the quality of the treated water and may vary during operation.

The key to long-term and efficient operation of the membrane element and a reverse osmosis system is the regular and timely replacement of cartridges pre-treatment. Failure to replace the cartridges can reduce the life of the membrane, and even to its destruction. To avoid such situations, it is strongly recommended to replace the cartridge pre-filter every 3 months.

Recommendations for installation and use

1. The recommended service life of replaceable cartridges of 3 - 6 months. The service life of these may vary, depending on the quality of raw water.

2. On the expiry of the life of the cartridges must be replaced with similar new set. From timely replacement pretreatment cartridges depends on the durability of the membrane.

3. A set of three cartridges should be replaced at the same time.

4. Cartridges are designed solely for the purification of cold tap water (30 ° C).

5. The kit can be used in reverse osmosis other manufacturers with similar bulb size systems.


- Appointment: for standard reverse osmosis filter;
- Life: 3 - 6 months;
- Brand: P`ure Ecosoft
- Country of origin: Ukraine

Buy a set of P`ure Ecosoft CHV3ECOEXP reverse osmosis cartridges, you can place your order on our website or contact us in any convenient way for you.

Technical information
Execution a set of three cartridges
Material production polypropylene foam, carbon block, granular carbon
Standard size cartridges slim 10"
Resource 8000l
Replacement interval 6 months
Filtration rating 1 micron
Operating temperature +4... +45°С
Filtration rate 6 l / min
Country Ukraine
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