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What better osmosis filter

  • 14 March 2015
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When choosing a home reverse osmosis filter is correct to focus on standard systems collected by the classical scheme. This will allow you to use kartri ji post filters and memb wounds from any manufacturer. In addition, the components and parts of such systems are always available and in stock; in the event of failure of any element of a reverse osmosis filter will not be difficult to replace him.
Standard household SIS threads reverse osmosis gather (NOTE: GOING, not made!) Many companies; Hence the abundance of brands and trademarks. And declare only the exceptional quality of their own products.
Try to understand what osmosis filter better.
On the quality of water treatment and a long successful operation will not affect the beautiful name, not aggressive marketing, branding is not expensive, is not convincing managers and sellers and do not always long-standing reputation of the brand. The feedback filter On osmosis result of work and the specific details of specific components manufacturers. Therefore, when choosing a reverse osmosis filter you should pay attention to any parts of the assembled system.
Flasks prefilters. Reliable and tested bulb Ecosoft (own production, a series of filters Filter1, Our Water, Ecosoft), Aquaphor, Aquafilter, Aqualine, Atoll, Crystal, Raifil, New Water.
Storage tank. For reliability and durability are not affected by the material from which the tank is made to the TOE - and a plastic and metal cans from a decent manufacturer will work well. Tested P AE, Tan kpro, Aqu apro.
Fittings and equipment (corners, transitions, tees, valves, frame, housing membrane tube). We distinguish John G uest (England), Orga nic (Taiwan), CC .K. (Taiwan). Because components of these manufacturers have collected most of quality secondary and higher price categories. The name can be seen on each end fitting.
Reverse osmosis membranes. The unequivocal answer - it is better - no. Durability and reliability memb wound is very dependent on the operating conditions and timely maintenance and monitoring of reverse osmosis filter. Suffice it to say that all membranes, presented on our site are checked in and are able to provide the necessary degree of purity of the water for a specified period of use by the manufacturer (under the conditions and proper maintenance).
Cartridges, postfilters and mineralizers. This popular segment are a lot of brands. We single out a few. Of course, Ecosoft (own production on the German equipment, trademarks Filt er1, Sha water, soft Eko), Nova I water, Aqu afilter.
We have listed only the main producers of our proven components and consumables for the reverse osmosis filter. We hope this information will help you to choose which filter osmosis better.
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