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Questions and answers about osmosis

  • 08 December 2013
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  • 5 Questions and answers about osmosis
Is there a better water treatment technology of reverse osmosis?
No. As a rule, all the best household drinking systems work on this principle. I will say more - and not yet in sight.
The main element of the feedback system is On osmosis IU mbrana, do not miss anything other than water molecules. So, the material for these membranes are doing only a few plants in the world and the main consumer of this material - the food industry and consumer segment uses of a percent of this amount. In the food industry there is a hard and constant monitoring of the quality of the materials, so that in life you can trust these technologies and materials.
What's more profitable - bottled water, water in barrels or home reverse osmosis system?
Cost of water obtained from the home reverse osmosis system is 7 - 12 cop / liter, depending on the use of consumables (ct tridzhi different manufacturers, different class wound memb).
We must also take into account the average life cycle of the system. Thus, manufacturers indicate the life of 5 years. If timely replacement cartridges, membranes of the failed elements, this period can be at least doubled.
His first system emy we took the service 10 years ago. They still work! And the owners are pleased with clean water and comfort.
And how much we can estimate a quiet confidence in the quality of water?
Why do I need to consult specialists - I myself put the system out there that difficult?
For a person with minimal skills installation really should not be an insurmountable task.
And operation, too - you just follow the detailed instructions.
But there are always nuances and finer points, which are not read in the manual, you will not find on the forums, where the same people pass each other mistakes and errors.
For 10 years, we have collected the crumbs of knowledge and experience in this field, and the beautiful bukletik with descriptions of how it should be, and in the "field" so as it is.
A concrete example: a person buys in the supermarket system, until the night after her set and tormented until the morning, why did not she just turned off, because everything correctly? The next morning surrendered, found us on the internet and in the afternoon it has pleased the system with clean water. For 70 hryvnia additional costs. And how much is it a sleepless night and nerves?
Everyone should mind his own business, as one of our first and constant clients. Especially because our prices very much correct and democratic)
Osmosis removes minerals from the water - it's harmful?
Ask any doctor - how the body receives the necessary minerals and get a logical answer - with food.
Even in the most mineralized water concentration is so small that it should drink up to 400 liters of water per day to get the rate of minerals from the water.
And it's big and urgent issue, the subject of disputes of experts - how well your body can absorb minerals from the water, rather than from organic food.
Clean water and adequate nutrition - that's an undeniable pledge of your health.
And the osmosis with time can not be a source of dangerous pollution of water?
Good OSMOS with proper maintenance, timely maintenance and regular monitoring is safe.
The first article was published on our website Osmosis Kharkiv 08.12.2013
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