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How to choose a reverse osmosis filter

  • 05 March 2014
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  • 5 How to choose a reverse osmosis filter

To select a reverse osmosis filter, you must first determine how much treated water you need each day. Performance home reverse osmosis systems ranging from 140 to 290 liters of purified water per day (depending on the set memb wound). The system accumulates b ake water at low speed of 50 -120 grams per minute; from the tank to the second tap potable water is supplied to the sink has an acceptable rate of 1.5 - 2 liters per minute. The tank is filled from one to several hours. It is the volume of the tank (although there are many other factors) will depend on how much water one thread, "at a time" you can get from the tap. Small liter tank will give 3-4, average of 5-6, 8-10 liters of large (and then the system for one hour or more again accumulate a volume of purified water in a tank).

Reverse osmosis systems are demanding to water pressure. To view this requires a stable pressure at the inlet filter at least 3 atmospheres (preferably about 4 atmospheres). When a low pressure system can not get water into the tank without stopping the water to drain away, much faster fail and the membrane cartridges. In the case of insufficient pressure reverse osmosis filter must be equipped with a pump at elevated pressure.

Sometimes the opposite situation - the inlet pressure "off scale" (6-7-8 atmospheres, strong pressure surges). In this case, we recommend choosing a system with pre-filter flasks increased reliability and set Reducto pressure p. Excessive pressure is harmful - perhaps the destruction of elements of the filter design, increased water consumption, rapid wear Auto Atik us and replacement of membrane moduli.

Reverse Osmosis Filter is often chosen not only for domestic needs - drinking and cooking. There are a large army of hobbyists, small manufacturing, laboratories, and others. In this case, it may be important selectivity of reverse osmosis membranes. Most of the membranes in the household systems successfully provide the desired degree of purification; in the case of increased demands on the purity of water is also a solution.

Reverse osmosis filters have their own life. Typically, manufacturers claim 5 years, after which the filter must be replaced completely. In practice, things are not so simple. "Shaggy Chinese", no matter what their sellers are not intended for use, they are made for sale. Even if such a system will be able to put into operation, you should always be prepared for surprises. Most mid-range systems with time also require replacement of some parts (we do not consider the standard frequency of replacement cartridges and membranes). After 3-5 years may require replacement of some fittings (losing tightness), automation (cease fire, exploding inside the diaphragm) seals for flasks from the tank can escape pressure (solved podkachivaniem). The extreme case (and most expensive) - Replacement of the tank when a burst diaphragm. After all the required replacements and works on technical servicing of a good system is ready to fully work for several years. The oldest systems in our service for 14 years. And they, with regular care, maintenance and replacement of defective parts are working and will work more years.

In summary, we distinguish the main points.

1. The required amount of purified water.

2. Inlet pressure filter.

3. The degree of purity of water required.

4. Dedicated to the filter budget.

We strongly recommend before purchasing feedback filter On osmosis not consult with vendors and with service men, installers and system owner. These are humble people with direct hands bubbled aware of reverse osmosis systems is that girls and boys in offices, sales managers in the departments of supermarkets never subtracted in the beautiful booklet descriptions.

GOOD LUCK in the correct choice)

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