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The deteriorating quality of tap water

  • 13 March 2016
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  • 5 The deteriorating quality of tap water

For anybody not a secret that the quality of water from municipal networks leaves much to be desired. In addition to the fairly high hardness (300 to 550 mg/l), Kharkiv water “pleases” all lots of rust in the water. It's simple – a backbone network very worn; frequent in connection with these repairs and the subsequent turning off and on water flow demolished hydro-air mixture from the inner walls of pipes years of rust deposits, etc. and carry it to the consumer.

In addition, started to decrease chlorination of tap water. And it's bad – the cartridges are the mechanical pre-purification in a reverse osmosis filter we often notice mucus – organics, which was previously prevented excessive chlorination of tap water.

The deterioration in the quality of incoming urban networks of water leads to the reduction of resource cartridges pre-treatment filters reverse osmosis. If before we serve most of the osmotic systems were carried out with a periodicity of 6 months, now the time interval between the replacement of prefilters is diminished to 3 to 4 months.

We kindly ask the owners of reverse osmosis systems: monitor the status of Your filter. If you suspect contamination filter pre-purge and osmotic incorrect operation of the installation before scheduled calendar maintenance immediately make a decision about carrying out the necessary work.

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