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Assembling reverse osmosis system
Reverse Osmosis Filter - designed from the standard components. Upon request, collect system, taking into account individual wishes - the design of the crane, tank capacity, reliability flasks degrees of cleaning performance and others. The cost of the service includes installation of the filter and..
3 600грн
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Build productive reverse osmosis system
On the basis of domestic components we collect system increased productivity under the order. The cost of such assemblies significantly lower analogues of industrial and semi-industrial segment. Cost of the cost of purified water and operating costs are also less than that of the commercial segment ..
9 000грн
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From the triple system - reverse osmosis
Three-tier system only cleans water from mechanical impurities, chlorine and its derivatives, hardness (optional). It is possible to retrofit a system with all the necessary (reverse osmosis membrane to the body, fittings, automation, pipes, storage tank, clips, valve, faucet, post-filter) and get a..
2 700грн
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Installation of reverse osmosis
A qualified person to properly install you purchased a reverse osmosis filter, run it correctly with the necessary procedures. Details will advise the user of the service intervals and "subtle" moments of operation of the system of reverse osmosis. We also provide technical support and inf..
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Repair of pump reverse osmosis
Over time, the pumps increase the pressure no longer meet the required specifications - leak and lost power and performance, it ceases to work properly Automatic wedge bearings. An experienced expert in the home of the customer will diagnose and repair hold small modular pump reverse osmosis. In sev..
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Repair of system of reverse osmosis
In reverse osmosis systems range of accessories is a limited resource. The filter needs periodic diagnosis and replacement of defective items. One skilled in place verify operation and, if necessary, will shape the reverse osmosis filter. We also we obtain to diagnose system (it's easier than to..
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Replacement cartridges reverse osmosis system
Check out qualified professional on the house to the customer. Replacement pre-filters, water quality testing. Flushing the membrane. Optional - replacement of post-filter, mineralizing agent, bioactivator membranes (if necessary). Full diagnostics reverse osmosis filter - the sealing compounds, the..
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