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Atoll A-560Ep (A-550p STD) reverse osmosis system
The system of premium on a recognized leader in the field of filtration by reverse osmosis. Reliable bulb, the best filter media and the membrane, modern drinking faucet, perfect "white" assembly. · Country of origin: US-Russia · Stair cleaning: 5 · Performanc..
10 862грн
Based on 3 reviews.
Crystal CFRO-550P reverse osmosis system with pump
Reliable, high quality assembled reverse osmosis filter. Flasks prefilter with double seal; higher membrane selectivity.   Water filtration by reverse osmosis is the best technology of water purification. Getting active use of membrane technology for water purification rightly associated wit..
6 000грн
Based on 3 reviews.
Filter1 5-36P MO536PF1 reverse osmosis system with pump
Reverse Osmosis Filter with pump pressure boosting production company Ecosoft, Ukraine. Reverse Osmosis Filter with pump pressure boosting Filter1 5-36P (MO536PF1) is designed for use when connected to a water supply with low water pressure or water from wells. Pump to increase pressure reve..
5 799грн
Based on 4 reviews.
Nasha Voda Absolute MO 5-50P MO550PNV reverse osmosis system
Built-in reverse osmosis system (5 stages of cleaning) step-up pump. Cleans water from all kinds of pollution. - Absolute cleaning - removes up to 99.8% of all contaminants - Separate storage tank for treated water - Five levels of water purification - Fittings John Guest Speedfit® - Briti..
8 399грн
Based on 3 reviews.
Nova Voda NW-RO500P reverse osmosis system
Filter Reverse Osmosis Nova Voda NW-RO500P with a unique design - a monolithic "head" pre-filter unit. Head flasks cast with the mounting bracket. Such a solution reduces the number of connections increases reliability and reduces the size of the system. Reverse osmosis system is equipp..
5 850грн
Based on 3 reviews.
WATERMELON RO-5P reverse osmosis system
The five-step reverse osmosis filter c fanfare by Ukrainian companies Biochim Service. The flasks were sealed with a pre-filter in two planes, a Korean membrane with excellent performance, and is traditionally the best filter modules of its own production. · Stair cleaning: 5 · S..
7 620грн
Based on 3 reviews.
Ecosoft 5-75P (MO575PSECO) reverse osmosis system
Reverse Osmosis Filter Ecosoft 5-75P (MO575PSECO) a complex five-step filtration, which removes all the impurities from the water, including hardness salts, viruses and bacteria. Reverse osmosis system is equipped with a pump to increase the pressure and can be used in conditions of reduced pr..
8 399грн
Based on 3 reviews.

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