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C.C.K. (Raifil) LD WLWT 1 Water leakage controller
The controller is water leakage C.C.K. LD WLWT 1 shuts off the water to the system in an emergency (depressurization of the system, the destruction of the filter elements, unprofessional service and repair). Installed in the water supply line to the reverse osmosis filter. The valve is positioned in..
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C.C.K. (Raifil) WFR-01 control the flow of water (flow regulator 1/4 "Ez type (Max: 300 psi))
Water flow regulator C.C.K. WFR-01 is used for connecting household water treatment systems (reverse osmosis filters, flow drinking system) if the pressure in the system to feed into the filter above the recommended maximum - 5 atmospheres. Maximum input pressure regulator - 20 atmospheres. Excessi..
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JM1001 replaceable element for CCK (Raifil) LD WLWT 1 controller water leakage
Removable moisture-sensitive element (sensor) JM1001. It is used in the controller of water leakage. If moisture enters the sensor element rapidly increases in volume, pushes the valve stem upward and reliably shuts off the water to the system. It is disposable (one A wet and razbuhnuv already do..
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